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Pin Brazing

Pin brazing machine,RSN-301

  • Brand JINDA
  • Product origin CHINA
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Pin brazing machine,RSN-301

Self-sufficient, no power connection required

Up to 500welds M10 with a single battery charge

11kg light weight(with Battery)

1.0 Intrduction:

The pin brazing machine RSN-301 uses advanced inverter technology, with the current powerful battery energy storage technology, the perfect combination. The new design of the control circuit can be used in the field of field railways, bridges, Oil pipeline power

lines maintenance in without charging. Pin brazing machine easy is to carry, wide range of operations, a full charge can be welded

300-600 times, either at the factory or in the field operations, is your most effective


2.0 Product parameters:

ModelRSN-301 pin brazing machine
Input power30 Kva
Welding Curren300A
Welding Time0.1-2.5S
welding range
Battery Capacity300-500 STUDS
Welding Rate5-8/min
ProtectionCeramic ferrule
Class ProtectionIP23
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)350 x 195 x 260mm



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