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Pin Brazing

Rail Bonds,Cable Bonding Methods for railway system

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Electrical connection system for signalling, return traction and earthing applications within the Rail industry. Email

Theft of copper cables is today a major problem for railways worldwide.

Therefore are many railways using JINDA WELDING Theft Deterrent steel railbonds for their signal bond installations.

The unique steel railbonds are highly flexible and made of soft annealed wires to withstand vibra- tions in the rail. The cable lugs are made for pin brazing In both ends.

The unique design of the cable lugs ensure that it is the wires in the cable that is brazed to the rail. This design gives the lowest possible transition resis- tance.

The railbonds can be made in different lenghts and sizes.

Railbond 10 mm² L=100-400/10 degree

Railbond 16 mm² L=200-500/10 degree

Railbond 25 mm² L=145/10 degree

Railbond 25 mm² L=120/1200 degree

Railbond 50 mm² L=185-1200/10 degree

Railbond 70 mm² L=210


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